At Thomas Industrial Coatings, we’ve always made it a point to invest in the best technology for our projects, as we believe our customers deserve nothing short of the best. Whether you hire us, or another industrial painting company for your pipeline and penstock coating work, make sure you investigate your painter’s focus on modern industrial painting technology. Following are a few areas of focus.

Do they buy what they need?

Carpenters don’t rent their hammers so we don’t think it’s smart for an industrial painter to rent their coating and blasting equipment. At Thomas, we buy the tools we need for a given job. This keeps project downtime to a minimum and helps keep a projected delivery time from ever being compromised.

From mainstream tools to those a little less common, we’ve made it a point to be equipped with cutting-edge technology. Make sure your industrial pipeline painter is as well.

The job-site is a sacred place – keep it that way

Whether you’re tapping a painter for coating, blasting or lead abatement, make sure they tailor the equipment they take to a pipe or penstock job-site to the needs and specifications of that actual job-site. We certainly do and we go to great strides to protect it once it’s there.

For instance, we’ve had thieves go after our equipment on a given job-site, but, to their misfortune, we have tools in place to catch them. At Thomas, the job-site is a sacred place. If there’s technology that keeps us working safely and efficiently chances are, we’ve got it and fully subscribe to its worth. We believe it to be crucial that you make sure your industrial painter follows suit.

Is your pipeline painter digitally savvy?

As we’re all probably aware, there’s not much bigger in technology right now than the iPad. At Thomas Industrial Coatings, we use TruQC, a job-site documentation app for the iPad, to streamline the stacks of paperwork associated with a given job-site. You can read a case study about it here, but in short, this iPad app helps make a project more efficient and successful for us, and more importantly, it make a project better for our clients.

When hiring an industrial painter, inquire about the role that digital tools play in their toolbox and ask how you can monitor a project as it progresses. It’s “your” money being spent – you deserve to be constantly aware of what’s going on.

Technology is just one piece of the pipeline and penstock puzzle

While we’ve invested in technology since day one, it alone isn’t enough. The latest and greatest innovation is useless unless used properly and by highly skilled craftsmen.

We employ top-notch technology for our teams of pipe coating experts so they can do their jobs at the highest level possible. That’s the biggest key to our success. When hiring a team, ask to meet the people who will be working on your job. You deserve to know who will be responsible for your project’s success.



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