Wind turbine painting and coating

As the need for more sustainable forms of energy production rises, so are the number of wind turbine farms going up across the country. More and more, these wind-powered generators are becoming an important enhancement to any commercial utility company’s ability to produce economical electricity for customers everywhere.

In order to create the energy they provide to our nation’s cities and towns, these wind turbines are built where weather conditions make them the most efficient. That means they are exposed to constant winds, heat, UV and precipitation, which cause corrosive damage that could mean “lights out” if not treated properly.

Thomas Industrial Coatings understands the importance of keeping these wind turbines turning. For more than twenty years, we’ve been applying the most appropriate coatings to power plants, bridges, smokestacks and industrial structures of all types to keep them working at peak efficiency and looking their best. We can give your wind farm the look you want while keeping them corrosion-free. We can also clean up older turbines with surface preparation and apply a fresh coat of paint that will ward away damage caused by the elements.

We’ve also got the right certifications and safety training to complete any wind turbine painting and coating project with the utmost care and quality. We finish all work without the costly delays or incidents that come from being ill-prepared for such work.

The way we produce energy in the United States may be evolving, but the need to keep equipment and structures free from corrosion never changes. Thomas Industrial Coatings aims to continue our stellar history of quality industrial paint and coatings service today and well into the future. If you’re considering a painting contractor for your wind turbine project, connect with Thomas and let’s get the gears turning.

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