Large-scale lead paint abatement and containment contractor

Once upon a time, if you needed a paint that dried quickly, resisted corrosion, and had the durability to keep looking sharp over time, you went with something lead-based. For decades, lead-based coatings were used in industrial applications such as warehouses, power plants, and bridges, as well as residential homes. That was before we all learned of the health hazards brought about by inhaling lead dust produced by its deterioration. The use of lead-based coatings was banned in the US in 1978, and we’ve been offering lead paint renovation services ever since.

Lead abatement and lead containment should never be taken lightly, no matter how large or small the job. It takes meticulous planning, the proper equipment, and a strict adherence to the many guidelines in place that ensure the health and well-being of both the workers removing that material and the surrounding environment. Only a professional painting and coatings contractor with the right certifications and experience can handle such a job with the care and safety it truly deserves.

Thomas Industrial Coatings holds the required State and Federal lead paint removal certifications that all painting contractors offering lead abatement must have and then some. Through regular inspections, 24-hour air quality monitoring, careful debris and dust containment, daily blood lead level examinations, and constant review and re-education of all safety procedures, we’re looking out for everyone both on and off-site. While this is incredibly important when it comes to lead paint abatement, we bring this same level of commitment to safety to every job we’re on.

If you’ve got a project that requires lead abatement on your hands, you need a professional industrial paint and coatings contractor with the experience and resources to do it responsibly. Contact Thomas Industrial Coatings for an honest assessment of your job-site’s needs, then let’s work together to make it a healthier, safer place to be.

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