Penstock painting and coating

Penstock systems are an integral part of any dam, wastewater or hydroelectric power plants. We depend on these intake structures to help efficiently regulate the flow of fluid. If just one sluice or gate is put out of commission by corrosion, productivity at those sites can come to a standstill. It takes a special amount of care to keep a penstock working at optimal levels.

That’s where Thomas Industrial Coatings can help. With TIC preparing the surface, then applying the proper anti-fouling coatings needed to resist corrosion and degradation, you’re investing in the health and maintenance of your penstock.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and training, combined with more than twenty years in the industrial painting and coatings industry, makes the quality and efficiency of our penstock coatings second-to-none. Add to that our obsession with managing the safest job-sites in the business through constant reinforcement of the latest safety guidelines and practices, and you can be assured your facility is in good hands.

Whether your project concerns a brand new facility or one that’s been in service for years, having Thomas Industrial Coatings come out to assess your penstock painting and coatings needs could be the best thing you could do for the future of your operation. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how TIC can assist you.

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