Intumescent coatings

Facility owners in the commercial, utility, oil and gas industries take every possible precaution to protect their assets from a fire outbreak. In the case of a fire, intumescent coatings help protect structural steel and limit damage to infrastructure and can play an essential part in fireproofing plans.

Thomas Industrial Coatings has extensive experience applying these fire-resistant coatings for structural steel, marine, piping applications and more. Our professional crews work with you to meet all necessary fire codes, enabling you to secure affordable insurance, protect critical infrastructure from significant failure and guarantee safety for building occupants.

How intumescent coatings work

Intumescent coatings are a method of passive fire protection (PFP), which buys time for active fire protection (AFP) measures to activate and alleviate the effects of fire within a facility.

These coatings cover structural steel and wood similar to traditional coatings. Once exposed to the extreme heat from a fire, they swell to many times their normal size. This increase in volume and decrease in density slows the heating of the substrate with the goal of avoiding the point of complete structural failure. Compared to cementitious coatings, intumescent coatings are easier to apply and limit the opportunity for moisture to settle between the coating and the substrate.

Successive layers can be applied to increase the fire resistance. If an intumescent coating with a thickness of 350 mils has a fire rating of 1.5 hours, then, in theory, 700 mils of the same coating would have a fire rating of 3 hours. The number of layers, and consequent degree of PFP, is determined during the specification phase and is often directly correlated to the consequences of a failure resulting from a fire event.

Pipes with intumescent coatings

Experienced coating contractor for fireproofing services

Fireproofing is a specialized area of expertise, and choosing a contractor with extensive experience is crucial. Thomas Industrial Coatings is a proven intumescent fireproofing coating contractor and has implemented this service for structural steel, marine vessels, piping systems, ductwork, bulkheads and more. Our professional crews have access to the latest in intumescent coatings and linings and follow strict safety and construction guidelines for applying fire retardants.

We work closely with facility owners and managers to devise the best fireproofing solution. The specific conditions and needs of your facility, such as applications, budget and location, will determine the appropriate degree of PFP. We’ll ensure your fire-resistant coatings meet International Building Codes (IBC) and Life Safety Codes (NFPA 101) as well as requirements from your local jurisdiction. For steel applications, we’ll help you meet ASTM E119, NFPA 251, UL 263 or ISO 834 standards. As an experienced intumescent fireproofing coating contractor, we’ll steer you to the correct standard for your particular needs.

Owners never hope to test fireproofing measures, but they are part of a smart strategy for mitigating damage in the unfortunate event of a fire. Contact us today to discuss intumescent coating services for your asset and ensure maximum protection for your facility and workers.

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