Intumescent coatings

Facility owners take every possible precaution to protect their facilities from a fire outbreak. It’s protection no one hopes to need, but in the unfortunate event that a fire does break out, preparedness can make the difference between damage and total loss.

Intumescent coatings cover structural steel and wood in much the same way as any other coating. Once heated in a fire though, they swell to many times their normal size. This increase in volume and decrease in density slows the heating of the substrate, with the goal of avoiding the point of complete structural failure.

Our intumescent coatings are designed to protect structural steel, marine vessels, piping systems, ductwork and more from extreme heat brought on by fire. These coatings can be instrumental in helping facilities and assets to meet building and fire codes.

Intumescent coatings are the type of coating facility owners hope are never tested. But they also shouldn’t only be top of mind after they’re needed. Fireproofing and intumescent coating products are part of a smart strategy for mitigating damage in the unfortunate, and hopefully never realized, event of a facility fire.

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