High-pressure water jetting

The shine of the steel, the brilliance of the paint, the overall beauty of new construction is always a joy to behold. Eventually, however, that original luster fades, and the dirt and mildew that collects over time can not only lead to permanent staining, but also open the door to corrosion later in a commercial or industrial property’s life.

At Thomas Industrial Coatings, we know that nothing cleans quite like water, especially when it’s blasted from our specialized jetting equipment. We can eliminate mold, grease, oil and grime from concrete, structural steel, pipelines and storage tanks quickly and efficiently with our ultra-high pressure water (UHP) jetting services.

UHP water jetting isn’t just a cleaning service. Our equipment has the power to strip away old paint and finishes from nearly any material. In doing so, we’re preparing that surface for its next phase, whether it’s fireproofing, waterproofing, a brand new interior lining or just a simple fresh coat of paint.

And because it’s Thomas Industrial Coatings you’re dealing with, you can be assured that all of the latest safety measures and guidelines are being followed, both for our employees and for the disposal of detergents and debris once the job is done. The workers at TIC pride themselves on always leaving things cleaner than we found them. Any less would make our mothers very unhappy.

If you’re considering a large exterior renovation project or just want to polish up the look of your business, make getting in contact with Thomas Industrial Coatings a top priority. We’ll help you get your bridge, building, pipelines, or other structure looking as good as new.

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