Metallizing, also known as thermal spray coating, is a technique for corrosion protection that involves spraying metals, heated either electrically or using a flame, onto a steel or concrete surface for the purpose of protecting it from corrosion. Metals commonly used include aluminum, zinc and their alloys.

Metallized coatings are favored for their long service life under most conditions, instant cure time and lack of volatile organic compound (VOC) output. They can also be applied regardless of ambient temperature or humidity, eliminating two environmental factors that sometimes complicate projects. Metallized structures also tend to have better resistance to physical impact and UV rays than epoxies.

This method has been successfully deployed on bridges, dam gates, offshore oil facilities and in a number of other industrial and marine settings. Significant technological improvements in the application process for metallizing have made it a faster and more time-effective process.

Thomas Industrial Coatings has staff trained and experienced with thermal spray coatings. If you think your steel or concrete structure could benefit from metallizing, we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us through the link below.

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