Slurry blasting

Thomas Industrial Coatings has staff experienced with a number of methods of surface preparation and blast media. A properly prepared surface is an essential step in the overall painting process, so our crews make sure to be up to date on certifications and best practices for a wide range of techniques. Wet abrasive blasting is one of a number of such methods where our crews have achieved proficiency.

Slurry blasting, sometimes referred to as wet blasting, is simply the process of mixing an abrasive with pressurized fresh water for the purpose of cleaning a surface. It’s a good option for situations where there is a need for dust to be contained or eliminated, or if there is a worry that other blast media will damage the surface being prepared.

Dust suppression is especially important in areas where it could damage heavy machinery. For this reason, slurry blasting is often used in projects near large turbines, in enclosed spaces where dust could be harmful to crews, and in marine settings where there is an increased emphasis on not disturbing the surrounding environment.

If you think slurry blasting might be the best option for your project, we’d be like to discuss our capabilities with you. We can talk about your site-specific needs, the benefits and drawbacks of this and other methods of surface preparation, and any other questions you may have. You can get in touch with us through the link below.

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