Industrial marine coatings for barges, ships and tugboats

Bridges, locks and dams are only one side of the work Thomas Industrial Coatings can do when it comes to the water. After all, that infrastructure wouldn’t mean anything if the things that sail under and around it aren’t in good repair. That’s why we extend our high-quality industrial marine coating services to fleets of tugboats, ships, barges, cutters and other boats.

Being exposed to rough weather, extreme heat and cold, and extremely corrosive salt can certainly take their toll on the exterior and interior of any type of boat. Thomas Industrial Coatings provides the same surface preparationfireproofinglead abatement and coatings application throughout the entirety of the ship. It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh off the dock or an old sea dog, either. We offer industrial marine coating services for both new and in-use vessels. We even offer some light rehabbing services for the cabin of your ship, as well.

And the same dedication to efficiency, quality and safety we bring to our bridge, locks and dams work goes into each marine job we do. Just ask the United States Navy, the United States Coast Guard and the numerous private industry marine companies we’ve worked with over the last twenty years.

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