Cementitious fireproofing solutions and intumescent coatings

The potential damage and injury brought about by a fire in your facility can be catastrophic no matter how large or small the incident. Preparing for this worst-case-scenario by applying industrial fireproofing, intumescent and cementitious coatings is absolutely crucial when building or improving any structure.

At Thomas Industrial Coatings, our professional crews have access to the latest in insulating and intumescent coatings and linings to keep structural steel, vessels, piping, bulkheads, ductwork and more protected from the extreme temperatures brought on by extreme heat. We work with our customers to devise the best fireproofing solution for their projects. Using strict guidelines for both safety and construction, we then properly apply these fire retardants with the utmost in care and quality.

Fire is never completely avoidable, no matter how much effort you put into preventing it. Doing what you can to minimize the toll it takes if it does break out, however, can mean everything to the future of your structure. Contact us today about making fireproofing your latest project with Thomas Industrial Coatings a top priority.

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