Suspended platforms

Not satisfied with outsourcing such a crucial element of fall protection and prevention, Thomas Industrial Coatings has trained and certified staff for the installation of one of the most trusted temporary platform systems in the industry. Now all our crews arrive at bridge painting projects, and others that involve working at heights, knowing some of the sturdiest protection available is underfoot, installed by colleagues with extensive training with these suspended platform systems.

Not only that, we are the largest owner of the temporary platform system outside the manufacturer. That means we can deploy and install our temporary platforms quickly and at competitive rates.

We use a temporary platform system suspended by cables at uniform intervals directly beneath a bridge. The system can be customized to properly accommodate the needs of a specific project. In addition to offering safe, stable footing, the platform shields the area below from debris. It can also be outfitted with side curtains to meet SSPC Category A containment requirements.

Click the link below if you’d like to discuss options for having a trusted, temporary suspended platform installed for your project. When it comes to fall protection, there’s simply no room to cut corners.

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