Exterior and interior commercial painting contractors

The look of a building can say a lot about the companies that do business there. When potential customers see a faded, rusting exterior or dated interior, they may also see them as a reflection on the services you provide, and that could mean a loss for you and anyone who leases from you. If you’re questioning the message your commercial building might be sending, perhaps it’s time to do some updating with Thomas Industrial Coatings.

Whether it’s brand new construction or sprucing up one you already own, Thomas Industrial Coatings can provide the commercial building painting your company needs to make the right first impression. We bring more than twenty years of experience as professional commercial painting contractors to the table, as well as a reputation for quality and safety that trumps most other painting companies.

Every one of our services will be available to you. We can give your exterior surface a high-pressure washing while preparing it for its new look. Inside, we’ll apply any fireproofing or other specialty coatings you might need while we paint. We also have access to materials that make graffiti easier to deal with, and can even clean, coat and stain the concrete walkway that leads to your door.

By the time we’re done, your commercial building will look fantastic, leading to more business for you and your tenants. So let’s get started. From small applications to massive undertakings, the professional painters at Thomas Industrial Coatings are ready to help you with your commercial painting needs.

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