Painting and coating for oil, gas, water and wastewater pipeline

Various types of pipeline stretch out far and wide over and under the landscape of the United States. In a way, they are the arteries that carry the life’s blood of our country, bringing water, gas, and oil where it’s needed, and carrying away wastewater to treatment plants.

Over time the exterior and interior of those pipelines can take quite a beating from the elements on the outside and the substances flowing within. When even the smallest pipe falls victim to corrosion due to poor maintenance or the wrong preventative coating or lining, the economical and environmental effect of that break can touch thousands, even millions of lives in an instant. Factor in the new pipelines needed as new developments in hydraulic fracking that help bring once unreachable deposits of natural gas to the surface, and you have a whole lot of pipe, old and new, that needs proper protection.

Thomas Industrial Coatings takes its commitment to the preservation of pipeline very seriously. We’ve invested heavily in the right tools and equipment needed to prepare the interior and exterior of the pipeline for the heavy-duty epoxy and polyurethane coatings that can be applied to keep a pipeline flowing and functional. Plus, every one of our workers has the right safety certifications and service training for all types of situations to ensure a high-quality pipeline painting and coating job with no delays.

When you think about the costly, damaging ruptures of recent history, servicing and preserving pipeline just makes sense. With more than twenty years of experience in the industrial paint and coatings industry, Thomas Industrial Coatings is more than up to the task. If your next project involves pipeline, contacting TIC could be the best thing you can do for both yourself and the people your pipeline supplies.

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