Painting and coating for wastewater treatment plants

When you work in the water treatment industry, you don’t take for granted that the sparkling glass of water you recently enjoyed wasn’t always so refreshing. It takes a lot of work to keep one of the planet’s most precious resources clean enough for everyone to enjoy, and that requires a facility dedicated to keeping itself as corrosion and grime-free as the water it sends out.

At Thomas Industrial Coatings, we’ve accumulated more than twenty years of water treatment-related work. From basins and pipes, to tunnels, shafts and equipment, it seems like we’ve cleaned, stripped and painted it all. We work on both steel and concrete, coating them with the latest in epoxy, acrylic, zinc and urethane, and we’ve invested in equipment that allows us to do it quickly and without sacrificing quality. Our employees have the certifications and safety training you’d expect and then some, making us one of the most capable and efficient industrial painting and coatings contractors available today.

When it comes to working with the water we use daily, nothing but the best should do. Wastewater treatment plants need special treatment themselves if they’re to keep working at peak performance, and that’s something that Thomas Industrial Coatings does best. Get in touch with us, and let’s talk about how now may be the best time for a renovation at your facility.

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