Smokestack painting and coating

Towering above power plants, manufacturers, and recyclers, smokestacks are crucial structures in any industrial complex. Smokestacks are also more vulnerable to elements that cause corrosion than most other parts of a facility, making their protection and maintenance extremely important if the work done there is to continue at a good, steady pace.

A smokestack painting project is no simple chore, especially at those heights. Getting the surface of the stack prepared and applying the best concrete and industrial coatings to the exterior requires a contractor with the right qualifications and experience to do the job safely.

Thomas Industrial Coatings is the best combination of everything you’re looking for when you need an industrial smokestack painting and coatings contractor. Our employees have been trained in the latest guidelines and safety practices for work at extreme heights. We are constantly upgrading and purchasing equipment that helps us exceed current standards in quality and efficiency. Finally, having completed many smokestack projects in the past twenty years, Thomas Industrial Coatings has the experience necessary to provide the outstanding results and service you want. Put it all together, and Thomas stacks up well above a lot of other contractors.

When people look at your power plant or manufacturing facility, do they see well-maintained smokestacks standing tall, or do they see the degradation and corrosion that come from years of ignoring them? If it’s the latter, consider contacting Thomas Industrial Coatings for a consultation. Call or email us today, no smoke signals required.

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