• Different types of industrial coatings and their applications

    Different types of industrial coatings have different chemical and physical properties —corrosion resistance, performance when exposed to UV, etc.— but no coating provides all the protection a structure needs. That’s why assets are coated with one or more coating types to form a total protective coating system, or a system providing all the chemical, physical […]

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  • Planning for abrasion resistance in your coatings project

    Abrasion resistance often takes a back seat to corrosion resistance in the coatings selection process. But because abrasions erode a protective coating system over time —resulting in premature corrosion and failure of assets—designers and owners must consider abrasion resistance when choosing coatings. The role abrasion resistance plays in protecting your assets The ultimate goal of […]

  • Thinking long-term about lead encapsulation vs. removal

    The advantages of lead-based paints as an industrial coating have long outweighed the environmental and human health hazards that come with them. Unfortunately, these coatings don’t last forever. When managers and asset owners develop maintenance programs, they confront the reality that lead is harmful and needs to be dealt with. They’re left weighing competing options. […]

  • Resources for safety in lead abatement

    It’s well-known that lead is harmful. Also well-known is lead’s usefulness as a component of industrial coatings because it holds up against the elements and helps prevent corrosion. As infrastructure and assets age, it’s a matter of when, not if, workers encounter lead hazards. That’s why businesses, organizations and governments have worked together to put […]

  • Managing lead in bridge abatement

    Lead has long been a double-edged sword. It’s enjoyed serious durability in industrial settings for millennia due to its malleability and resistance to corrosion. It’s also served modern industries well thanks to chemical properties that block radiation and make it great for use as a component of batteries. But lead also is toxic. The most […]

  • Fireproofing steel: A guide to fire resistance ratings

    Fireproofing steel is all about time. Increasing the fire resistance of your structural steel through fireproofing buys you time—time to evacuate, time to fight the blaze, time until the total collapse of the structural steel in your facility. Making sure your fire resistance measures are up to code is paramount to obtaining insurance and promoting […]

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