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Fire retardant coatings protect your assets from total failure

Fires are game over for many facilities, especially within the commercial, utilities and gas industries. In the unthinkable case of fire in your facility, fire retardant coatings passively fight the blaze, biding time until emergency responders arrive and fighting a total failure of structural steel.

The difference between damage loss and total asset loss

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Industrial fireproofing: Cementitious vs. intumescent fireproofing

For many owners of industrial facilities, an industrial fireproofing strategy is a prerequisite for being able to secure affordable insurance. But despite being just short of mandatory for many businesses, straight advice on what type of industrial fireproofing strategy to pursue can be hard to come by.

How SSPC certifications can elevate industrial painting

SSPC certifications for industrial painters have a two-pronged effect when it comes to elevating the quality of the work performed in the industry. First, they verify that a painter has demonstrated the competence to earn and retain the certification or certifications.

Coatings and asset management: A start-to-finish plan

It’s probably not surprising to hear coatings professionals say that a good asset management program begins with the right coating, but it’s true. The industrial coating chosen to protect an asset should be selected on the basis of the asset’s environment, with the product’s particular strengths matching up against the pressures of the asset’s environment.

The complete visual guide to surface prep

“Never paint a dirty surface” is something of a mantra in industrial painting circles. Without proper surface preparation, a coating will not adhere properly to the substrate and the system will fail.

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