Painting for the power and utilities industry

The power and utilities industry never sleeps. Every second of every day, they are supplying the electricity or natural gas we use daily to heat and power our homes and businesses. Even the smallest disruption of service caused by corrosion or fire can put tens of thousands in the dark.

Luckily, Thomas Industrial Coatings can help keep those small issues from becoming a large problem. Maintaining the integrity of power plant equipment, machinery, and other structures is part of what we do best. We’ve been providing surface preparationlead abatementfireproofing and, of course, high-quality industrial coatings application to power and utility plants all over the country. With the state-of-the-art equipment and training necessary to get the power plant painting job done, we know how to fully protect your plant from the dangers corrosion can cause.

Not only can we finish the power plant painting project with quality and efficiency, but also in the safest manner possible. Our company’s dedication to a rich safety culture keeps our men and women out of harm’s way, and your facility free from incident.

Our country has been fueled by the power and utilities industries for a very long time now. Thomas Industrial Coatings has been protecting them for quite some time, too. With our help, companies can stay focused on what really matters – providing power and other services to everyone in the nation.

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