SSPC surface preparation for industrial painting

It’s one of the most fundamental lessons a painter learns when they start out: “Never paint a dirty surface.” It doesn’t matter if you’re painting your kitchen or a five-thousand square foot structure of steel, concrete and plastic; proper surface preparation is the key to any quality paint and coatings job.

We’ve learned our lessons well here at Thomas Industrial Coatings. It’s the reason we provide state-of-the-art surface preparation for nearly every type of surface that holds paint.  With more than twenty years of experience and the latest in abrasive blasting equipment, we can tackle any size project using an assortment of media that includes glass, grit, slag, sand, sponge, walnut and steel shot. We also utilize specialized media-recycling equipment to keep costs down and the job-site clean.

Thomas Industrial Coatings also keeps its workers trained and certified in the latest techniques and SSPC surface preparation safety procedures. In doing so, we ensure a swift, efficient experience that moves your project forward quickly. After all, the faster we get that surface ready, the quicker we can start the work of coating it.

Surface preparation is an essential first step on any big industrial painting and coating project. Make sure that step is pointed in the right direction by contacting Thomas Industrial Coatings, and let’s get started together.

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