Fireproofing and bridge coating for the Huey P. Long Bridge widening project

Thomas Industrial Coatings is the industrial coatings subcontractor for the Huey P. Long Bridge expansion in Jefferson, Louisiana. The bridge is being expanded with additional lanes.

The project is being carried out using two methods – one of which involves pre-assembled span sections constructed on barges and hoisted into position using massive jacks.

Our role? SP-10 near-white blasting/deleading/zinc-coating 410 to existing bridge connections totaling 266,500 square feet, SP-10 near-white blasting/deleading/application of zinc/epoxy/urethane coating system to 1140 gusset-plate connections totaling 741,100 square feet, thorough blasting using vacuum blast or Class 1A Containment, and applying fireproofing coating to 165,000 square feet of steel.

In layman’s terms – just another day at the office for Thomas Industrial Coatings.

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