One of the greatest benefits of the safety culture we’ve created here at Thomas Industrial Coatings is knowing that, in case of an emergency, our people have the knowledge and tools necessary to handle the situation. That’s why we were incredibly proud to hear that members of one of our crews recently played a key role in preventing disaster at a job site.

When a crane operator on our J. E. Roush Dam project in Huntington, IN alerted TIC’s Greg Perry to a report of a 300-gallon container filled with gasoline seemly abandoned on the dam’s roadway by a passer-by, he collected other members of his crew, Frank Henriquez and Matt Shannon, to address the problem. Fire extinguishers in hand, the three stopped all traffic at both ends of the project and assessed the situation. With fluid leaking from the container, emergency services were called and a spill kit was put into use in an attempt to keep more gasoline from escaping on to the road. Once the Fire Department and Homeland Security arrived, Greg, Frank and Matt assisted in containment by using buckets and an empty 55-gallon drum they had on hand until the original container could be drained enough to be secured and hauled away.

Thanks to their quick thinking and reliance on their knowledge of safety procedures, Greg, Frank and Matt were able to prevent any damage or injury that could have been caused by this spill. Their handling of the situation speaks volumes of both their dedication to safety and TIC’s commitment to hiring and training the most capable people we can find for our crews. Thanks, fellas, for a job well done. We couldn’t be more proud.

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