As industrial painters, we’re unsung heroes. We’re often the partner, the sidekick, even the offensive line that steadily drives a football team up and down the gridiron on any given Sunday. Our work, that of painting and coating a massive structure like a storage tank, often ultimately determines the long-term success of that structure, coating the way for long-term economic value and structural strength. We fight corrosion like there’s no tomorrow, working in the most dangerous of environments.

And often, actually almost always, our work goes completely unnoticed. Don’t get us wrong – we’re okay with that. But when it does get noticed, when our painters, partners and projects do get the attention they so rightfully deserve, we tip our hard-hats in appreciation.

A Project Engineer from a partner company on our tank-coating work out at Naval Base Point Loma in California, started a blog that perfectly captures the day-to-day grandeur of work that most would overlook. That of a massive tank and pipeline initiative.

Other contractors on the project include Nova Group / Underground Construction Company Joint Venture (general contractor), Thomas Industrial Coatings, Murray Builders (subcontractor), Chicago Bridge & Iron (subcontractor), Bighorn Construction, Inc. (subcontractor) and others.


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