While the work we do is fulfilling enough, we here at Thomas Industrial Coatings like a little praise every once in a while. Who doesn’t? So we were plenty pleased to find that Metro had decided to shine a spotlight on the work we’re doing preparing the Eads Bridge for its new coat of paint on their official blog.

Chelsey from Metro’s blog Nextstop visited the job site just before we set up the blast containment area to find out a little more about what we’d be doing. As she toured the future site of our blast containment area along the Safespan, we took the opportunity to tell her all about how we protect not only our workers but the community and river below.

Chelsey highlights the daily inspections and 24-hour air quality monitoring we perform as we blast away the rust and old paint left on the bridge, the careful containment of all dust and debris as it’s swept through the tubes and into our dust collectors, and the strict medical examinations and equipment guidelines we follow that keep our workers healthy and secure. Though one might expect these kinds of precautions on such a huge job, we bring this type of level of commitment to safety of both the environment and our employees to each and every job we do, no matter what size it is.

Of course, it wasn’t an entirely educational visit. After all, we couldn’t have Chelsey visit without giving her a glimpse of the incredible view we get to see every day. You can take a look at some of the things she got to see in her Flickr slideshow. Thanks to her and to Metro’s Nextstop blog for coming out!

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