We’re excited to announce that the St. Louis Construction News and Review has recognized two of our projects as first-place Finishing Touch Award recipients, and one as a second-place finisher. 

In association with The Painting & Decoration Foundation and the Wall & Ceiling Advancement Fund, nine projects were honored based on six categories. They include craftsmanship, creativity, execution, level of difficulty and use of color as a design element.

The two projects for which Thomas Industrial Coatings won first-place Finishing Touch Awards were the Huey P. Long Bridge Section 6, and the Fon du Lac Hydroelectric Station. In the industrial structures category, Thomas Industrial Coatings also took second place for its work on the Hurricane Deck Bridge over the Lake of the Ozarks. 

These awards belong to the crews that earned them. We would like all of you who performed above and beyond the call of duty on these two jobs, and congratulate you on the recognition from a respected industry publication.

A big thanks also to the folks at the St. Louis Construction News and Review, The Painting & Decorating Foundation and the Wall & Ceiling Advancement Fund for the acclaim. 

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