Thomas Industrial Coatings, continuing its commitment to technology, is proud to reveal its newly designed website. Together with St. Louis-based industrial web-marketing agency Gorilla 76, TIC put together a new web experience for longtime customers and new ones alike.
The industrial painting company added many exciting improvements to the site, including better navigation, dynamic project galleries and additional information about the services they provide. Additionally, they put a stronger focus on their blog, inviting users in to not only interact with their site but learn from it as well. The website now features mobile-friendly responsive design, making it easy for the millions of tablet and smart phones owners that use their devices daily to discover Thomas Industrial Coatings.
“We’re excited to present this new look for our website,” says President Don Thomas. “Embracing technology and the Internet has always played a vital role in how we do business. This is just another step we’re taking in ensuring a bright future for Thomas Industrial Coatings.”
In 2012, from January 1 to June 1, the company had 826 visitors access their website from mobile devices. This year, during the same period, they had 1,558 mobile visits.
“The primary purpose of this site redesign was to accommodate the growing amount of traffic coming from mobile devices,” said Jason Hinklin-Lauderdale, a writer at Gorilla 76. “While we were accommodating for that, it made a lot of sense to rethink the site as a whole, ensuring that its architecture, design and content reflected the strategy and goals that had been established for the marketing team.”
In addition to their website, Thomas Industrial Coatings has an active and growing presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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