Thomas Industrial Coatings is proud to announce that we were listed as one of the top ten – number two to be exact – safest industrial painting companies in the United States by the Finishing Contractors Association (FCA).

As noted by the FCA, the CREST Awards are designed to objectively evaluate contractors based on key leading and lagging measure using metrics that are associated with efforts that cause excellent safety performance.

Some considerations include:

  • years a company has had a written safety program
  • methods used to familiarize employees with the safety program
  • number of full-time safety representatives
  • number of supervisors, foremen and managers
  • number of management personnel that have completed advanced safety training
  • number of management personnel that attended competent person training

Thomas Industrial Coatings was awarded for our work in the 150,000+ category.

Congrats and thank you to each and every person that wears the Thomas name. We should all be proud.

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