Steady company growth at Thomas Industrial Coatings calls for a fleet of industrial painting and coating equipment that can accommodate. We're excited to announce that we recently added two large pieces of equipment to our company “tool belt.”

The first is the Super Unit. Described as everything a steel-grit recycler needs, features of the ARS-issued machinery include a six-nozzle continuous blast system, a sloped storage bin with sixty plus barrels of abrasive storage, dual air drying systems with desiccant dryers, a six-component cleaning system and a six-stage air wash.

The second piece we added was an X-Machine. It's a piece of equipment purposely built for dedicated blasting and power-tool work. Features of this particular equipment include a powerful 1,200cfm@ 28”Hg hi-vac vacuum, an auto-fill blast pot with Thompson II valves, two-nozzle continuous blasting system and an enlarged pot with 12 cubic feet of storage. This piece of equipment clears waste from power-tool shrouds and allows continuous operation and clean-up.

Learn more about our industrial painting and coating equipment here.


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