A week ago today, a job site of ours in Tulsa, Oklahoma fell victim to some bad guys. To make a long story short, a Thomas Industrial Coatings job trailer was stolen from a gated lot.

It appeared that the thieves used a forklift to break down the gate and get away with nearly $100,000 in Thomas Industrial Coatings equipment. Not much of a stealth operation, but we’re sure they were excited with the newly acquired goods.

Here’s the problem for the thieves though: all of our equipment is equipped with GPS technology that we purchased from GPS North America. In less than 24 hours, our trailer was “ping’d”, leading us to the driveway of the thieves. Let’s just say they didn’t invite us in for coffee.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to get our equipment and trailer back with minimal effort and no loss, and to hopefully teach such knuckleheads a lesson.

Once again, an investment in technology proves its worth at Thomas Industrial Coatings.

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