At Thomas Industrial Coatings, going above and beyond required training has been something in which we’ve always believed. It’s not that the standards set by the industry aren’t good. In fact, they’re quite good. But for an industrial painter that’s hell bent on delivering nothing short of exceptional, they’re not good enough. As a leading industrial painting company, we have to consistently put our industrial painters in the best possible position for success. And training, we believe, is the fastest, smartest route to keep them ahead of the curve.

SSPC QS 1 certified painter: what it takes

To be QS 1 certified, which we’re proud to say we indeed are, a company must already be QP 1, QP 3, QP 6 or QP 8 certified. Additionally, an SSPC QS 1 certified painter has to demonstrate an Advanced Quality Management System. Contractors meeting QS 1 requirements have to demonstrate that their managing team is superbly competent. They do this by supplying:

  • Organizational chart showing lines of authority
  • Written documentation of training and experience of managerial staff
  • Formal quality manual containing the information described in the QS 1 standard
  • Quality plans that define and document how to meet quality requirements
  • Written plans for each phase of a project
  • Documentation showing implementation of a more formal calibration program for equipment used
  • Evidence that management periodically reviews work performed by inspection personnel
  • Evidence that verification of the inspection result is administered independently of the inspection operation
  • Three reasons your industrial painter should be SSPC QS 1 

First of all, SSPC QS 1 requires contractors to implement and document more stringent quality control and record-keeping procedures than other certification levels. For you, the owner or hiring contractor, that’s a good thing. That means better documentation, which ultimately means a safer, more efficient, and more effective subcontractor experience

SSPC QS 1 certification provides owners with the operational capabilities that are required by QP 1 certification. Consider that improved effectiveness and improved attention to detail.

Finally, SSPC Q 1 certification ensures that a painting contractor has the people, structure, training and know-how needed to implement the absolute best in quality control standards.

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