For a while now, Thomas Industrial Coatings has been on-site at the Huey P. Long bridge in Jefferson, Louisiana, just outside New Orleans. Our crew has been working incredibly hard providing our special brand of quality surface preparation, fireproofing, and other specialty coatings while it’s being widened. No matter how busy they are, however, our employees know there’s always time for more safety training, and they take the opportunity to add to their knowledge every chance they get.

On March 26th, over one hundred members of our NOLA crew attended a Miller Fall Protection Demonstration and Meeting to help reinforce the already strict safety fall-protection measures in place. The seminar was extensive, covering pre-use inspection, proper full-body harness use and connection methods, how to calculate fall distance and why it’s important and more. They were also shown a demonstrative manikin drop featuring a 6’ shock absorbing lanyard and a self-retracting lanyard to demonstrate free fall distance and fall clearance considerations, and discussed suspension trauma and importance of prompt rescue.

But that’s not all that been going on with our people down south. Our crew was also honored to receive a Huey P. Long Quality Crew of the Month award for February 2013! We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done so far, and it’s good to see our client is, too. We’ve got more great things to accomplish before we finish the work in June, though. Look for more updates on all of our projects as they come in right here on our blog.

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