The complete guide to asset management

Owners of industrial structures must protect their assets from corrosion, prevent color and gloss fade and guarantee longevity. The right protective coating can address these concerns — and the right coating management and maintenance plan enables the success of the coating. Rather than simply preventing disasters, protective coatings maintenance plans can help asset owners ensure protection, safety and cost-efficiency for years to come.

In this guide to asset management, we explain:

  • How to select the right coating for your substrate
  • The characteristics of common coating types
  • How to evaluate quality coating contractors and specifications
  • The role of regular maintenance evaluations
  • Essential certifications for coating inspectors
  • The fundamentals of a coating surveyThe complete guide to asset management

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Asset owner’s lead abatement handbook

Lead has played a pivotal role in industry and commerce for about as long as each has existed. The soft, malleable metal has lent itself well to the production of all manner of historic assets and has been used more recently as a key component of paints. But lead is as toxic to humans as it has been useful. Because the repair, replacement or enhancement of assets coated in lead-based paints can put people and the environment in danger, asset owners need to know how to abate lead hazards safely and successfully.

This handbook explains:

  • The necessity of recognizing and assessing lead hazards to develop appropriate lead abatement plans
  • The factors affecting the selection lead abatement methods
  • The importance of safety on lead abatement jobsAsset Owners' Lead Abatement Handbook
  • Why proper lead abatement on critical assets is especially important


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The complete guide to industrial fireproofing

What you need to know about protecting your facility or assets from fire

For many owners of industrial facilities, an industrial fireproofing strategy is a prerequisite for being able to secure affordable insurance. But despite being just short of mandatory for many businesses, straight advice on what type of industrial fireproofing strategy to pursue can be hard to come by.

The Complete Guide to Industrial Fireproofing

Here, we’ll lay out some of the basics, including:

  • Important considerations for selecting the right fireproofing products
  • Key differences between cementitious and intumescent coatings and the consequences of those differences
  • Important concerns for fireproofing structural steel

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The Complete Guide to Corrosion

What it means, how much it costs and what we can do about it

It’s estimated that unchecked corrosion costs the US economy around $276 billion annually. Corrosion and corrosion prevention are big business, affecting nearly every sector of transportation and industry. But what is corrosion, exactly? In this guide, we leave the advanced chemistry aside, but still explain what it is, why it costs so much and what we can do to prevent it.The Complete Guide to Corrosion

  • The difference between localized and generalized corrosion
  • Corrosion’s effect on public health and safety
  • Different methods for preventing corrosion
  • How best practices in corrosion prevention save taxpayer dollars

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Industrial coatings products. Explained.

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Most explanations of industrial coatings products are either packed with industry jargon or confusing schematic chemistry. While we don’t manufacture industrial coatings ourselves, decades of applying them have left us pretty familiar with their different properties. Here’s your guide to the characteristics of some common generic coatings systems.Industrial Coating Systems Comparison Guide

  • Overviews of generic coating systems such as epoxies, polyurethanes, polysiloxanes and more
  • Benefits and drawbacks of these systems
  • Common applications for each
  • Notes on emerging trends in coating systems

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Download the Thomas Guide to Safety and Quality

Exploring the link between worker safety and a job well done.

There is a definite link between worker safety and the overall quality of the job performed. In this guide, we look at some possible aspects of painting jobs where a crew’s safety can be neglected, leading to an outcome that’s less than what owners expect. Read this guide to find out how workplace safety leads to more productive, experienced crews.

Safety and Quality - The link between worker safety and a job well done.

We cover:

  • The hidden cost of a low bid
  • Layers of job-site safety
  • Roadway work zone issues
  • Lead-based problems
  • The importance of addressing it all in the project specification phase

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