Today, Thomas Industrial Coatings’ safety director and Certified Safety Professional, Todd Cook, gave a three-hour STS, or Safety Trained Supervisor, preparation course to fellow managers and supervisors.

The STS certification is an effort by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals to make every job-site safer. This specific certification is for first-line managers and supervisors to ensure that safety is always paramount for job-site leaders.

“By the end of the year, everyone in management will be STS-certified,” said Todd Cook, Safety Director and Certified Safety Professional at Thomas Industrial Coatings. “This is yet another step towards being as safe as we can possibly be.”

Those in attendance include Jon Lewis, Mike Reed, Andrew Everding, Ross Boyd, Eric Nenninger, Dane McGraw, Josh Teddleton, Wayne Long, Andy Hamersen, Donnie McComack, John Lohkamp, Doug Rothweiler, Derek Goff, Steve Kuehler and Tony Wheelock.

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