It may seem like all pipeline and storage tank coating projects are all the same, but no two jobs are alike. Each and every industrial painting project has its own difficulties. But seeing certain types of jobs on an industrial coatings company’s resume can help inform your decision the next time you’re looking to hire one.

One job to look for when you’re reviewing an industrial painter’s experience is work on a military jet fuel storage project. Seeing the successful completion of a jet fuel storage project in a company’s work history is like seeing Harvard on a resume – it instills a confidence that they can handle nearly any job that comes their way.

Why do jet fuel storage projects stand out?

It’s obviously not the first thing that springs to mind when considering a company for surface preparation on a bridge or applying protective marine coatings to a fleet of tugboats. There are several factors involved in preparing and painting jet fuel storage tanks and pipes, however, that can really test a company’s mettle and provide proof as to a company’s ability.

For instance, working for the military always means tight deadlines and no room for error. Jet fuel storage jobs are definitely no exception. A strict adherence to timelines and quality are absolutely necessary if any industrial painting company is going to keep them happy.

The size of a jet fuel storage job can also be intimidating. There are holding tanks that house millions of gallons of explosive fuel, sometimes miles away from the jets that will eventually need refueling. Miles of pipeline connect those storage tanks, as well as high-efficiency pumps and hydrants. Finally, the complex piping is supported and protected by equal amounts of structural steel. In essence, these projects are essentially a pipeline coating job, a storage tank coating job, combined with a small bridge’s worth of structural steel to coat. That’s a lot of work for any industrial painting company out there without the proper resources.

Orchestrating one of these projects is no simple task. It requires a large team of highly trained industrial painters, careful planning to finish on-time and on-budget, and enough equipment to keep multiple jobs moving at once. Having the manpower and equipment on hand to get a project like that done isn’t something you find easily. But if you do find one, you can be sure they’re more qualified than most to handle the project at hand.

The right crew for the job

Just as you wouldn’t hire a one-man welding business to buildbridge, you wouldn’t hire an industrial painter without years of proper experience. At Thomas Industrial Coatings, we’ve handled numerous projects, large and small, including jet fuel storage jobs. We know how complicated any job can be, and we prepare for every scenario accordingly. We’re committed to the technology and to our employees – allowing us to take jobs that others simply can’t. Just something to think about the next time you’re looking for the right crew for the job.

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