Keeping up with Thomas Pride has never been easier

There’s always something happening at Thomas Industrial Coatings. Whether we’re completing a project, starting work on a new one, gaining new safety certifications or just finishing up a company walking track for our employees, we’re a pretty busy company.

That’s what happens when you’re constantly working to be a leader in the industrial painting and coatings industry like Thomas Industrial Coatings is, and that means there are plenty of stories and insights to share. That’s why we’ve created our monthly newsletter, A Fresh Coat.

By subscribing to our newsletter, you’ll learn more about:

  • The latest TIC milestones for each and every project we’re working on
  • Industry insights and knowledge straight from out professionals
  • Our dedication to safety and the steps we use to protect our people at the job site
  • Our award-winning service and how we’re raising standards in out industry

The future of Thomas Industrial Coatings is being written every day. We hope you look as forward to hearing about it as we do making it happen.

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