Asset owner’s lead abatement handbook

Lead has played a pivotal role in industry and commerce for about as long as each has existed. The soft, malleable metal has lent itself well to the production of all manner of historic assets and has been used more recently as a key component of paints. But lead is as toxic to humans as it has been useful. Because the repair, replacement or enhancement of assets coated in lead-based paints can put people and the environment in danger, asset owners need to know how to abate lead hazards safely and successfully.

This handbook explains:

  • The necessity of recognizing and assessing lead hazards to develop appropriate lead abatement plans
  • The factors affecting the selection lead abatement methods
  • The importance of safety on lead abatement jobsAsset Owners' Lead Abatement Handbook
  • Why proper lead abatement on critical assets is especially important


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